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Atom is sometimes a pain but it's free, extremely flexible, and does really good regex. Also works on many platforms. Atom was really useful so of course Micro$oft killed it.

Can't install packages

When searching for packages you get the error: unable to get local issuer certificate.

You're behind a firewall or proxy that's breaking SSL. Best fix might be in [ this thread].

Less secure (but easier 🤷‍♂️) solution is to run the following from the CLI. apm config set strict-ssl false apm config set https-proxy http://YOUR_PROXY_ADDRESS

To find the proxy address: * In the Windows search bar, type “Internet Options”. * Select Internet Options from the results list. * Click on the Connections tab. * Click the LAN settings button. * Two options here: If a static proxy is configured it will be listed in the Address box in the bottom section (Proxy server). If Automatic configuration is being used then hopefully there will be an address in the top Address box that points at the config script. * Put that URL in your browser and it will load the config file with the proxy info in there. In my case it was near the bottom of the script. If The Automatically detect settings is configured and there's nothing in the Address box then you're on your own. Google can probably tell you how to find the proxy, certainly a packet capture would unearth it, but I don't know a simple method and right now I don't need to.

NOTE: You have to restart the editor before the config settings will take. It also looks like they might not be permanent, which will really bug me if it's true.

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