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MS Edge

I use multiple browsers to organize work. Personal browsing in browser A, Company stuff in browser B, Work stuff in browser C. Because Edge is in Windows and doesn't suck completely since going to Chromium I'll usually use it for Company stuff.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Go to … menu on top right and select Extensions.
  • Look for Keyboard Shortcuts in the left hand sidebar.
  • Alternately put this in the URL bar and hit enter edge://extensions/shortcuts

Allowing Self Signed Certs

To bypass the annoying page for self-signed certs click anywhere in the tab and type thisisunsafe.

The letters will not be visible or show anywhere but after completing the words, the website loads, but will show as 'insecure' in the left of the address bar.

Edge will mark the website as “allowed”, unless this operation is done in an inPrivate window. After it's saved, it works even with inPrivate.

The above is edited copypasta from StackOverflow. Thank you, JDR.

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